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Hi Swooners!

Today we wanted to give you a little behind-the-scenes look at life here at Swoon Reads HQ, and specifically how we run our social media accounts. I’ve been the “Twitter Captain” since we launched the beta site back in 2013, and it’s been a blast to handle our twitter feed these last few years. On top of posting tweets that link to the Swoon Reads site for important announcements, blog posts, and highlighting certain site features, I have a few favorite sources for bookish fun that I love. If you follow us on twitter you might have noticed that we often tweet posts from sites like Book Riot, Buzz Feed Books, and (one of our sister-sites) Heroes and Heartbreakers. And of course I love seeing the incredibly swoonworthy posts over on our tumblr, facebook, pinterest, and instagram pages. I often tweet links to those as well and I particularly love seeing those fan photos of our books in gorgeous shots that usually show up on tumblr or instagram.

But even more important than the tweets that come from the Swoon Reads account are the ones from YOU! Many new Swoon writers tweet links to and descriptions of the manuscript they’ve put on the site, encouraging their friends and followers to take a look. And, of course, even more fun is seeing readers tweet about manuscripts they have read and loved.

This is important because there are lots of different things that the editorial board looks at when choosing which manuscript to pick. The amazing thing about social media is that it allows us even more ways to see how different submissions are resonating with the Swoon readers!

Now, I know some people may balk at the idea of self-promotion. But if you are a writer it is critical for you to understand that in the publishing world today, having a social media presence—or at least some way to connect with—is something that is increasingly essential. Even established YA authors like Jenny Han, Leigh Bardugo, and Rainbow Rowell have huge Twitter presences and use the site to talk to other authors, engage with their fans, and keep people updated on their newest projects.

Our Swoon authors are no exception. Swoon Reads is a project grown on the internet so it is no surprise that our authors are social media savvy and just plain fun to follow on twitter.

For example here’s a tweet from A Little Something Different and Signs Point to Yes author Sandy Hall tweeting to her followers about a launch event:

As the Twitter Captain it has been awesome to see our authors that live all across the country (and across the globe!) be able to chat and swap notes thanks to twitter. And in the course of running the twitter account it’s been really gratifying to get a chance to tweet with them, and of course to tweet with you Swoon readers and writers.

So keep those tweets coming, and feel free to tweet at us! You can find us here: @swoonreads.

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