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Swoon Reads Behind the Scenes: Digital Marketing

If you’ve found your way to Swoon Reads and uploaded your manuscript, chances are you’re already familiar with digital marketing, even if you don’t realize it. Upload your manuscript to Swoon Reads and then use your social media accounts or email to ask friends, family, or followers to read, rate, and review? That’s using digital marketing! Digital marketing is using online tools to drive people to your product and, in this case, your manuscript.

I work at Swoon HQ managing digital marketing campaigns for all Swoon titles and for titles and brands across our other imprints at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. My team handles a mishmash of tried and true online marketing efforts like email marketing (still the most effective way to reach someone online!), website development (looking at you, Swoon Reads 1.0), videos, social media (too many channels to name!), and the all-time favorite: analytics.

We look at analytics for all of those different channels to figure out what’s working and what isn’t to help us determine how to move forward in a campaign. If we see that Facebook isn’t getting a lot of likes for a title but it’s taking off on Twitter, we focus our efforts there. Analytics is the geekiest of all online marketing responsibilities, but I also think it’s the most important because why do something online if your followers on that channel don’t like it? Our job is to keep our followers happy by giving them content they want, get more followers, and them make them happy, too!

My own job is managing the digital marketing department and spearheading exactly what we want to do with each of those channels listed above, how we want to do it, and how we’ll measure our success. I also work on digital marketing campaigns for specific titles (like Signs Point to Yes and These Vicious Masks!) and provide authors with best practices and recommendations for how to use their social channels to promote their books online.

We start thinking about how we’re going to market a book online as soon as it’s acquired. Where do we want to focus the campaign? Is there a specific social network that makes sense? (Looking at you and Tumblr, All the Feels!) Does the author have a big following on a certain channel or are they just starting out? We ask questions like these to figure out the best way to get the book in front of people we think will love it.

That is a brief overview of the mishmash of digital marketing at Swoon HQ. We spend a lot of time online.

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