Swoon Reads at BEA

Today is the first day of BEA, so all of publishing is headed towards the Javtis Center for BookExpo America 2014. Swoon Reads is no exception…

After announcing our first list, we’ve got LOTS of big plans to promote Swoon Reads at the convention.

If you are attending the show, be sure to stop by the Macmillan Booth (# 1738/1739) to check out our Swoon Reads station, where people can submit their 10-Word Love Stories, pick up Swoon Reads Swag, and maybe even catch an early glimpse of The Boy Next Door cover voting!

Then, on Friday, the Swoon Reads fun starts bright and early with Jean’s Sourcing the Crowd Panel.

9:30 – 10:20 AMSourcing the CrowdLocation: 1E14
Panelists: Jean Feiwel (Swoon Reads), Liz Pelletier (Engtangled), Molly O’Neill (Storybird)
Moderator: Samantha Murphy (Mashable)

Description:The way people consume media and learn about new books and authors is changing- book review sections are minimal or nonexistent at many publications and people spend as much time online as they do watching national television. Authors achieve success without ever signing a traditional publishing contract or even pursuing an agent. A great story may inspire generations of readers without ever existing as a physical book. This panel offers a glimpse into some of the most innovative programs and ideas that publishers are implementing in order to answer the big questions. How do readers learn about new books? How can we make storytelling more active and engaging? How do editors find talented authors? Can publishers find a way to bridge the gap between traditional and self-publishing? From a platform that breaks all the rules of storytelling to an American-Idol style imprint to a venture that makes authors part of the team, our panelists will share their visions of publishing in this age of reinvention.

** Note: We will be giving away 50 ARC’s of A Little Something Different!


Plus, our own Sandy Hall will be doing two different signings on Friday.

1:00 PM — Formal BEA Autographing
Location: Autographing Area Table #22Signing: 100 A Little Something Different ARC’s


3:00 PM — In-booth SigningLocation: Macmillan booth 1738/1739
Signing: 100 A Little Something Different ARC’s

Then, on Saturday, BEA merges with BookCon, when the doors are opened to anyone who happens to be in the city and is willing to spend $35 to come talk to people about books. If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by, because we’ve got some fun stuff planned.

First, Swoon Editor, Holly West will be on a panel talking about Swoon Reads and A Little Something Different:

10:00 AMYA Editors Picks
Location: macmillan Meeting Room/MR3221Panelists: Holly West (Swoon Reads), Sarah Goodman (SMP)
Moderator: Jennifer Edwards (Swoon Reads)
** Note: We will be giving away ARC’s of Landline by Rainbow Rowell, Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini, and A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall, so be sure to grab a ticket!

Then, we have our big 10-Word Love Story Event. (click here if you missed yesterday’s blog post about it!)

11:30 AM — 10-Word Love Story Event
Location: Room E102


Hope to see you there!!!


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