Swoon Family Roundup: Weird Reading Habits, Part II

Do you have to be in a certain spot when you read? Can you only read at a certain time of day? Need a particular snack or drink with you in order to get into The Zone? Reading quirks come in all shapes and sizes, as some of our Swoon Authors and Staffers demonstrated last week. Here are some more funny little reading habits from the Swoon Family:

"I absolutely have to read something immediately before I go to bed, even if it's just a page or a short chapter. I need my bedtime story!" – Hanna Nowinski, author of Meg & Linus

"Well. I wouldn't call it a 'habit'—it would be really bad if it was a habit, but I have been known to sneak into the bathroom at work in order to finish a book I can't put down." – Karole Cozzo, author of How to Say I Love You Out Loud and How to Keep Rolling After a Fall  

"I think my weirdest reading habit is that sometimes I kind of throw the book I'm reading onto the floor while I'm reading. Usually with fast-paced books that have cliffhanger-y chapters, I end up throwing the book, yelling profanities to no one, picking the book back up, and then repeating that cycle over and over again. It's weird, I know." – Kathryn L., staffer

"I like reading in my favorite spot, on the couch by the window, sometimes with a cup of peppermint tea, and always with my pug snoring by my side. Although, lately, my reading habit has mainly consisted of staring longingly at the pile of books on my dining table waiting to be read, haha!" – Jen Wilde, author of What Happens at SupaCon

“I can pretty much read anywhere, but in my perfect reading scenario I’m in a quiet room, beneath my heated throw, with my cat, holding a steaming mug of chai. And of course I’m reading a super swoony romance." – Katy Upperman, author of Kissing Max Holden

"I can read only eBooks on the subway, if I read I physical book I will get motion sick." – Ruth E., staffer

“My best reading is done in some form of sweats or PJs. Who am I kidding? My best anything is done in some form of comfy clothes.” – Kristen Orlando, author of You Don’t Know My Name

“I read with my book about two inches away from my face, even with my glasses on! It's not an eye problem, just my way of trying to get as cozy close as I can with my favorite things in the world.” – Katie Van Ark, author of The Boy Next Door

“Ever since I got a backlit e-reader I've done a lot of reading under the covers. I just find it very warm and cozy I guess, and I'm sure there's some subconscious nostalgia back to my childhood would be up reading after my parents told me to go to sleep—it's much easier to do now that I don't have to figure out the logistics of positioning the flashlight while holding the pages open!" – Megan A., staffer

“Lately, since the weather has warmed up, I've taken to curling up on the porch swing with a mug of tea and sitting there for hours reading.  It's pretty much the best, except for the occasional spider. And some wasps. And the lightning bugs. “ – Temple West, author of Velvet

"I never, ever skip ahead. Reading the ending would ruin the story for me! When I settle down to read, I have to be sitting on a comfy couch. I've also graduated to using cute bookmarks instead of sticking tissues in between pages to hold my place.” – Kimberly Karalius, author of Love Fortunes and Other Disasters and Love Charms and Other Catastrophes

"I will use anything accessible as a bookmark: socks, food wrappers, movie stubs, a brush... Also, I own reading socks. I wear them when I read. Duh." – Lauren S., staffer

"Here's my weird quirk: I don't have any. I read anywhere, anytime, in any format. Lately, it's ebooks from the library on my phone in crowded subway cars. I started reading books on my computer long before there were nooks or kindles, and only a few books were even being produced as ebooks. Going further back, in middle school I would put books behind my textbooks and read in class, which probably fooled no one. So give me a book in any format, a tiny bit of time, and I will find a way to get some reading done!" – Kelly Zekas, coauthor of These Vicious Masks

How about you, Swooners? Got any funny habits when you read? Share in the comments!   

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