Swoon Family Roundup: Weird Reading Habits, Part I

Do you have to be in a certain spot when you read? Can you only read at a certain time of day? Need a particular snack or drink with you in order to get into The Zone? Reading quirks come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some from our Swoon Authors and Staffers:

"I like to use the stopwatch on my phone and time myself reading the first 10 or 20 pages of a book. Then I do the math to estimate how long the book will take me to read." – Sandy Hall, author of A Little Something DifferentSigns Point to Yes, and Been Here All Along

"I listen to audiobooks anywhere, even in the shower." – Kate Evangelista, author of No Love Allowed and No Holding Back

"I read lying down sideways ALL the time. I just feel so much more comfortable lying down and when I was growing up my parents were convinced I was going to become cross-eyed." – Anna P., staffer    

"My weird habit is reading in massive, time-bending chunks. Much like I used to be with Halloween candy, I find it impossible to dole out stories. Most times I'll buy a book, wait until I get to the weekend and then... BAM. Read it all." – Danika Stone, author of All the Feels

"I read with a cat on my chest every night. My calico lays on my chest as I'm lying in bed reading, and usually rests her head against the side of my Kindle. Sometimes she knocks it out of my hands if she's feeling ignored." – L.E. DeLano, author of Traveler

"I always commute with 2 books: 1 paper back, and 1 hard cover. If I can't find a seat on the train and have to stand, I read the paper back. If I am sitting I read the hard cover." – Emily P., staffer    

"When I really get wrapped up in a book, I need to know how it ends. So, often, that means staying up until I finish. But when I can't do that and am dying to know the ending, I do something I don't recommend at all. I *gulp* jump ahead and read the last chapter." – Shani Petroff, author of Romeo and What's Her Name

"I absolutely *cannot* have snacking-food near me. it always sounds like a fun idea to combine two of my favorite things (trail mix and books) but apparently I can't multi-task because I'll finish the whole tub before I read a word if it's just sitting there. once it's open, I'm either eating or reading but never both at once." – Lydia Albano, author of Finding You

"Folks find this weird because I work in publishing, but I read almost exclusively in e-book and audiobook formats. That's partially because I hate carrying heavy books around the city, and partially because I find it way easier to read on my phone than in print format—I can read faster digitally, and I can swipe to the next page one-handed (important on the subway). And, of course, audiobooks are nice because I can turn running errands or going for a walk into reading time." – Christine Barcellona, staffer

"Sorry, I would love to claim a truly interesting 'Weird Reading Habit'—only when the moon is full or hanging from the ceiling while balancing a cup of tea on my foot. But unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), I can read anywhere, anytime; all I need is a book and adequate light." – Cindy Anstey, author of Love, Lies and Spies and Duels & Deception    

How about you, Swooners? Got any funny habits when you read? Share in the comments!

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