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Swoon Authors Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas: Where Are They Now?

Dear Swooners,

Our trilogy is complete. Our blog tour is underway. We haven’t written a lick of Evelyn dialogue in months. But before we let these characters go for good, we have one more burning question about them. If they were in a classic teen movie universe, what would the freeze frame and text say about their lives after graduating from high school? We want to know: Where Are They Now?

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Evelyn Wyndham

Evelyn took a gap year to travel around the world in search of the perfect cupcake recipe. Unable to find it, she went to culinary school and came up with her own. She now runs a bakery called "But First, Cake!" that specializes in desserts with wholesome, healing ingredients.

Sebastian Braddock

Sebastian formed a band called My Deadly Touch. It has one member. He gets very frustrated when Evelyn calls his music “emo” but honestly. MDT’s greatest hit (someone listening to his set in a coffee shop bought the demo!) is “Oh No, Everything Hurts”.

Nicholas Kent

Nicholas attended Yale for college, then Harvard Law, managing a perfect grade point average despite never attending a single class. In that time, he created a revolutionary dating app, discovered an island in the Pacific Ocean with 16 previously thought extinct species, and accidentally got elected senator for Massachusetts.

Rose Wyndham

Rose graduated early from college and was top of her med school class. She quickly climbed the ranks at a hospital outside San Francisco till she became the Head of Cardiology. Fun fact! She has been named Employee of the Month for the last 23 months. Before that, they didn’t have Employee of the Month awards.

Catherine Harding

Catherine headed off to UC Berkeley where she had to petition the school to allow her to triple major. She graduated in three years and immediately got her masters and doctorate. She is now a popular professor there, teaching classes like “History Got It Wrong” and “Include Women in the Sequel”.

Joseph Adeoti

An avid historian, Joseph attended Oxford where he studied Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. For his thesis, he proposed a unique approach to archiving human history via museum and library collaborations that has been adopted as a practice world-wide. His first Ted Talk on Object Permanence has 32 million views on YouTube.

Radhika Rao

Radhika attended college at the University of Chicago, where she led environmental and anti-war protests, becoming the face of activism on the campus. She went on to work as an organizer and director for a number of international human rights groups. To this date, she has never scheduled an event on a rainy day.   

Laura Kent & Emily Kane

Laura and Emily did not feel like going to college. Instead, they run a farm and own 8 dogs, fostering more through the rescue group they founded. They raise money by selling t-shirts and merchandise that say “Life’s a Pity Without a Pittie!“ Ellen DeGeneres retweeted them once.

Fei Chen

Fei dropped out of college, moved to New York and eventually became a cultural critic-at-large for the New York Times. Her scathing reviews have become legendary, especially when a particularly offensive painting at the MoMA cracked apart after her dismissive scoff.

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