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Swoon Authors and Staffers: Memories From Our Own Proms to Remember!

In celebration of A Prom to Remember by Sandy Hall (on sale now!), we asked a few of our Swoon Reads authors and staff members to share their favorite memories from prom and their cutest/dorkiest prom photos. Keep reading for a wave of prom nostalgia and be sure to share your own prom memories with us in the comments!

Sandy Hall

sandy prom pic

My prom dress was pink with silver brocade running through it and these thin beaded straps that I thought were the prettiest things ever. But as I was getting out of the car to go take pictures at my friend's house, one of the straps popped and beads flew EVERYWHERE. Everyone quickly scrambled around to find the beads and somehow my dad managed to fix the strap without any sewing equipment, just through sheer dad fortitude. Disaster averted and the dress stayed put for the rest of the night.

Kat B.

kat prom 1

kat prom 2

I had an amazing time at my junior prom. I went with a group of my friends, two of whom are still my best friends today. My friend Amber’s aunt paid for a limo, so we had to take this staged photo of us being excited when Amber appeared (we were then and are now huge cornballs). I had a date, but he was one of my best friends, so it wasn’t at all romantic (he since went on to play the Mad Hatter in an Alice in Wonderland cover band at Disneyland. He won at life). I would do it all again the same way today—it was really, really fun.

Lauren F.

lauren prom

The limo driver my friend hired took us to the wrong prom and we didn’t realize for about 15 minutes. Still had a great time though!

Maggie Ann Martin

maggie prom

Let’s travel to a not-so-distant past where "Starships" by Nicki Minaj was blasted at my official “school sanctioned” prom where we all promised not to dance provocatively. I’m not kidding, kids at my school hosted a second prom where they could bump and grind without any fuss.

Truthfully, I had the best time with my friends at Real Prom, and I made one of those cool wax hand figures in the shape of the Mockingjay salute to commemorate my girl, Katniss Everdeen. And look at that gorgeous pink dress! I still remember feeling like a princess in it.

Jordin S.

jordin prom 1

jordin prom 2

Senior prom was always built up to be this big to-do in movies and TV, but mine was a bit like any other dance, just with higher expectations. Both me and my now husband got our hair done, which looking back on photos, he regrets to this day. Even though the dance itself didn’t feel all that special, I still love looking back on these photos as it’s just one of those times that all your friends got together, did something silly like get a bus, and just goofed around alot.

Holly W.

holly prom

I was not socially advanced enough in high school to get a date to Senior Prom and most of my friends were a couple of years younger than me, so they couldn’t go. But my family was adamant that it was an important part of high school that I couldn’t miss, so I went for a bit, met up with the two friends who were actually there, danced in a group for a few songs, and then I think I left to go play board games with the rest of my friends! Here I am in my vintage yard-sale black velvet dress (complete with a giant white bow on the back!) with the corsage my dad bought for me as a surprise (which was really sweet of him) and my commemorative champagne flute that got given out with the tickets (despite the fact that the school was in a dry county and alcohol was illegal there).

Kelly Zekas

kelly prom

I went to my "Senior Dance" in a vintage dress I had bought a year before for a different event and brought my dearest friend's older brother. He danced every song and was generally a VERY good sport about the whole evening. I’ve ended up having very fond memories of the dance—something I wouldn’t have expected before it occurred!

Emily S.

ES prom photo

My junior prom was my favorite! Shortly after this picture was taken I think I may have accidentally stabbed him trying to pin on his boutonniere, but we’re still close friends to this day, so it can’t have been that bad. Also, my mom MADE that dress!!!

Kathryn L.

kathryn prom

This may sound shallow, but what I remember most about prom is my dress. My high school runs a fundraiser fashion show about a month before prom, where the seniors walk the runway in dresses from local stores. The dress I wore was the most beautiful I had ever seen. It was a periwinkle, floor-length gown with spaghetti straps, completely covered in sequins. I didn’t have a date yet, and didn’t really care, because I knew if I had that dress it would be the best prom ever. As I walked down the runway, I found my parents in the crowd and mouthed, “Can I have this?” My dad broke out in a huge smile and nodded enthusiastically. My mother shook her head just as enthusiastically and mouthed back “No way.” Dad and I ended up splitting the cost of the dress and my mom agrees now that it was worth it. (Also worth noting: prom was way before I had a digital camera, so the photo of a photo does NOT do my dress justice!) 

Tarun Shanker

tarun prom

My prom wasn't anything extraordinary, it just felt like another one of those senior year summer nights, except in a fancy setting with fancy clothes. But I did take full advantage of the fancy clothes part, opting for the top hat and cane, which, come to think of it, is probably the origin of my Mr. Kent love.

Teresa F.

teresa prom

Prom for me was all about getting dressed up and enjoying a fancy night out with my best friends to celebrate before graduation later that weekend. We went shopping for our dresses together and by chance all gravitated towards ones that were in a similar color scheme, which went from being cute and coordinated to us looking like bridesmaids when one of our friends showed up in a poofy white dress straight out of a bridal catalog.

Julia G.

julia prom

I showed up to prom and almost immediately ran into someone wearing exactly the same dress as me—a little black number with pink embroidered roses that I picked out specifically hoping that it would be “unique.” We laughed about it, took a picture for posterity, and politely avoided each other for the rest of the night. That small snafu aside, I ended up having an all-around blast.

Kelsey M.

kelsey prom

High school really repressed my inner fashionista (for starters, our dress code was maroon and khaki), so prom was my shot at finally making a sartorial splash. My mom took me shopping at South Coast Plaza, where the Laguna Beach cast frequented (vs. my neighborhood’s scary mall with criminal activity in the parking lots), and it was there I entered the Jessica McClintock boutique—a beautiful store for the beautiful Californian I so desperately wanted to be! I found a pale yellow, strapless dress that I eventually accessorized with a chunky black necklace and gold eyeshadow (oof), which at the time I thought was chic. As cringey as the photos are to me now though, I still kind of smile at them. Kind of. While also covering them. With both hands. Wait, why am I posting this again? 

Share your fondest (and/or most cringe-worthy prom memories in the comments! And don't forget to pick up a copy of A Prom to Remember by Sandy Hall, on sale now!

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