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Swoon Author Shannon Klare's Editing Update: Surviving Revising ADAM MEADE

Editing used to scare me. I love drafting, but when I go back to edit the draft it usually becomes my enemy.

This is my normal editing process:

1.) Open up the draft and begin.

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2.) Realize how many issues there are.

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3.) Beat my head against the desk repeating, “WHAT DID I DO?!”

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4.) Cry.

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5.) Head to Starbucks to cope.

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So, when I got my first ever edit letter, I decided to face editing head on. I would not use Starbucks as a coping mechanism. I would not find every possible way to procrastinate. I would not cry. It was a new day, a new me. I was going to conquer edits and smile doing it! Then, when I saw how much work was ahead of me, old Shannon emerged. I closed the letter, got in my car, and went to Starbucks.

The rest of the day I sat wondering how I could get the manuscript where it needed to be. Kat was spot on with everything, but what if I couldn’t get there? What if I wasn’t good enough? I took a couple of days to process everything. I needed time away from the story, time to think everything through. Then I went back to the computer, sat down, and started making cuts.

I worked on Surviving Adam Meade as much as possible. I wrote new scenes, changed dialogue, fixed old chapters. The more I adjusted, the better everything worked. The plot was better, the story was stronger, but one thing stood out: I literally rediscovered Adam and Claire.

That ended up being the best and most rewarding part of editing. I’ve spent years with these characters and thought I knew them inside and out, but the more I worked the deeper I got into their personalities. There were sides to Adam and Claire I hadn’t seen. How could I be this connected to my characters and be missing these parts? Most importantly, why hadn’t they revealed themselves earlier?! I realized then that editing isn’t something to run away from. I was excited to keep learning about my characters. Now, I’m even more excited to share them with you!

Surviving Adam Meade is now available for preorder!

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