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Swoon Author Shani Petroff's Editing Update: From Panic to Published

My editing process for Romeo and What's Her Name actually started a long time ago. I had originally written it as a short story. For years, I thought about turning it into a full length book, but I struggled with an ending. 

My original final scene (which I knew needed to be near the beginning of a full length book) had a lot of crazy stuff in it. I needed to top it. Only I didn't know how. I'd play around with it and then stop (and I repeated that cycle several times).

Finally it came to me -- I knew how to end the book -- and I started writing and didn't stop until I had a completed draft.


When it was selected for publication I was ecstatic. 

Romeo and What's Her Name was going to be a reality.

Pretty soon I'd be back in edit mode -- changing my story around -- and I couldn't wait.

The notes I received from Holly, Lauren, Emily and the rest of Macmillan/Swoon team were spot on. They were thoughtful, smart, encouraging, and kind. They were also filled with A LOT of work for me.

My first reaction -- panic.

Zoe panicked

How was I going to do it? 

I took a deep breath. This was the same feeling I had when I got the notes on my middle grade books. I just needed to sleep on it. I needed to process it all. I needed to take it all in and think about what was being said.

And you know what?

It worked. The next day the daunting task seemed doable. 

It was still work, but I was ready to tackle it.

It still wasn't easy, but often things worth doing aren't.

So, I forced myself to stop playing online, to shut off the TV, to get rid of the distractions, and do what was needed to be done.

Pretty soon, I was ready to send my revised book in -- and when it was finally ready for copy editing -- it felt like such a sense of accomplishment.

All of the work was worth it.

My book was done!

 Chris happy

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