Swoon Author Shani Petroff: Wonderfully Surreal

It’s hard to believe Romeo & What’s Her Name is out in the world!!

rawhn book and roses

It started off as an embarrassing moment from my high school days. It turned into a short story. And years later a book that I wrote specifically for Swoon Reads! I feel so lucky it was chosen to be published.

This is such a warm community, from the fellow writers and members who left comments on my book, covers, and posts to the talented and kind Swoon/Macmillan staff who have made this a reality. Thank you all for everything.

If you are thinking about submitting—do it! Take the chance. And if you submitted and haven’t been selected—don’t give up! Keep at it. Keep writing. Keep reading and taking the fabulous advice posted from Holly, Kat and so many others on the Swoon blog, and keep submitting.

It feels like just yesterday I was uploading my manuscript, and now I’m celebrating the book’s release!

On launch day, I got to spend time with some of the amazing Macmillan staff! And then at dinner—even though it was my book’s birthday and not mine—there was a birthday cake complete with a candle! It was such a fun day that just flew by.

romeo launch day

It all feels a little surreal, but wonderfully so! Thank you all for helping me on this journey and making it such an incredible experience.

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