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Swoon Author Shani Petroff: Picture Perfect

Seeing my name on actual books still feels surreal. Even more so? Seeing my picture there too! 

I had a hard time deciding which author photo to go with—although this was definitely a fun problem to have! What was I supposed to pick? What was the perfect picture? Did one exist? Probably not. Did one make me look more like an author than another? Should I smile? Should I look serious? Should I have it professionally done? Should I pick a snapshot that I just like? There didn’t seem to be a “right” answer. I just had to go with one that I felt comfortable with using.

One of my best friends offered to take some photos. I went over to her place and she snapped away. We actually got a bunch I was really happy with. The only problem? I was blue!!

shani blue

Neither of us had ever worked with that particular camera before, and it didn’t even cross our minds that we needed to do a white balance beforehand. I was disappointed. I actually wanted to use one of those photos. I seriously still considered it—blue hue and all. My friend thought it had a sexy, vampire vibe (which I could maybe, possibly live with), but all I could think was Smurfette or Avatar.

I mentioned it to another friend, and she said to send the photo to her. Within minutes she sent it back, and I was my usual skin tone again! “I’m not a smurf anymore,” I screamed when I saw it. She had fixed it.

shani with background 

Only I still wasn’t sure if the picture was usable. You could see the circuit breaker and doors in the background. My shirt was also wrinkled. (Oops!) Friend number three to the rescue. She took out the background, smoothed my shirt, and voila, I had an author picture!

shani final

My friends saved the day!

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