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Swoon Author Natalie Williamson: Titles Aren't Necessarily... Set in Stone

True confession time: I am not great at titles. Whenever I start a new project, I typically save it as some version of the main character's name and just hope title inspiration will strike later. Set in Stone was just Amber WIP for a looooong time before I decided to enter it into a contest and needed an actual title in order to hit submit. Cue me panicking and obsessively listening to my writing playlist, trying to come up with something that fit. Eventually I landed on Set in Stone, a lyric from one of the songs on said playlist. It worked pretty well for Amber's story, because deep down what Amber wants more than anything is some permanence in her home life, but I was never particularly attached to it.

I ended up getting picked for that contest I entered, and as I revised Amber's story her rules evolved from offhand comments she'd made in the background to a fully-fledged, handwritten list that is deeply important to who she is as a person. I loved the idea of incorporating Amber's rules into a new title, but all the options I came up with at the time never quite felt right to me. So I left the current title alone for the time being, even though in the back of my mind I knew it didn't work as well as it used to.

Because of that, I wasn't surprised at all when the Swoon Reads team mentioned changing the title early on. In fact, I was pretty excited to have other heads in the mix to come up with a new one, because as I've mentioned, titles are not my thing. And it turns out I was right to be excited, because as soon as I heard the first title they suggested, I knew it was The One. So, without further ado, the new title is:

Rules We're Meant to Break

Yay! I hope you love the new title as much as I do.

Come back tomorrow for cover voting!

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