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Swoon Author Maggie Ann Martin: The TO BE HONEST Soundtrack

Music always plays a huge role in everything I write. Since I imagine each scene in my head like my own personal movie, I have very specific songs that go along with them. I even listen to that same song on repeat until I am done working on that scene.

So, if you’re in the process of reading To Be Honest, or planning on reading it soon, do so with these songs in mind!

"Hold On To Me" by Mondo Cozmo

This song holds such a special place in my heart with this story. I wrote many scenes to this song, including some incredibly challenging scenes at the end of the story (sorry, no spoilers here!) The atmosphere of this song perfectly captures Savvy’s relationship with her mom and dad.

"See You" by Thriving Ivory

Every happy and heart-bursty scene between George and Savvy include this song in my head. Thriving Ivory was one of my favorite bands in middle school/ high school, so when they put out a new song while I drafted To Be Honest, it quickly became my George and Savvy anthem.

"Happy Accidents" by Saint Motel

This would be the song that I would put at the end credits of the movie. There’s a particular scene at the end of the book that I wrote to this song on repeat.

"Warmth" by Bastille

In all of the fun and chaos of the Moreno Family Field Day in Chapter 2, "Warmth" by Bastille was my constant. It’s fun beat really helped me to keep that fun and uplifting tone throughout this scene.

Let me know in the comments: how does music inspire your writing? If you are curious and want to see the full playlist I created for To Be Honest, you can listen here.

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