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Swoon Author L.E. DeLano's Editing Update: Write the Things That Scare You

Dreamer is finally out in ARC form, the final bit of polish is being put on it before publication, and I can breathe now. Sort of. This book was such a labor of love, and I do mean labor.

Second books are notoriously hard, and this one was no exception. I took this book down so many weird and meandering roads, that the finished project is only a faint echo of what this book started out to be. Oh, the characters I’ve killed! The subplots I’ve burned! The wild tangents I’ve axed!

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I found my way to the best possible iteration of this book through the ever-patient and ever-perfect guidance of my editor, Holly, and also by facing some howling inner demons. They always say “write what you know” and it’s good advice. Don’t ever write only what you know, but do be sure to write what frightens you.

In my case, I wrote my own introvert tendencies into Jessa, and then I pushed her beyond them, forcing her to get out there, to reach out, to interact, even when it wasn’t her first instinct. And then I put someone I love—someone Jessa loves—into a hellish nightmare situation and ended up with one of the most terrifying and gut-punching scenes in the book. All that stuff came later in the process, and it all came because I told myself to write what scared me.

Then, after inserting all that uncomfortable tension and terror, Holly reminded me of one immutable fact:

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That’s right, this was a book about a charming pirate who meets our sarcastic protagonist and they go on adventures! I needed to embrace the fun and strategically seed it between the tension, and that’s exactly how it went down. This book is pure adrenaline adventure, edge-of-your seat tension and thrills, heartbreak and laughter and romance and oh... it’s just exactly what it was born to be, after months of hard labor.

Being a writer is one of the biggest adventures I’ve ever been on, and the best part about it is it never stops. It never stays the same. It’s always expanding and always, always so very worth it. Can’t wait to share Dreamer with all of you. You’re going to love it!

Dreamer is now available for preorder!

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