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Swoon Author L.E. DeLano: It's Finally Here

It's here! The pub day for Dreamer is finally here!!!

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And now is when I confess to you that there was a very real chance that I wouldn't see this day. On March 5th, I suffered a brain injury that could have very well ended my life. Instead I spent the entire month of March in a hospital bed in an inpatient rehabilitation facility learning to walk and talk again. I've got that part mostly down now, but I have limited use of my left hand. Lucky for me I'm right-handed, but when you're a one-handed writer it does tend to complicate things.

Dreamer is the culmination of so much hard work. I am so very, very proud of it. What began as a fantastical idea grew into this amazing, epic adventure that even I couldn't have imagined at the start of it. My readers have been wonderful and enthusiastic in their love of this series and I can't tell you how much that means to me especially now as I'm working through this latest challenge.

Needless to say, there's going to be a bit of a delay before the next book. I'm working hard on it now, a little bit more everyday and I hope to have an update for you soon. In the meantime, crack open the cover of Dreamer and get swept away as Jessa discovers that all she really needs is to trust herself—or should I say selves—and embrace every single bit of who she is (a lesson for us all).

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I hope you find Dreamer as breathtaking as I did while I was writing it. I want to give a big shout-out to my editor Holly West and to the rest of the team at Swoon Reads—their invaluable feedback and unflagging support has made me a much better writer and made Dreamer a much better book. I look forward to getting to know this new person I've had to become in the wake of everything that's happened. I'm up for this new challenge. It's a very lucky thing when you can learn from your characters.

Thank you for taking this journey with Finn and Jessa... and me.

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