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Swoon Author L.E. DeLano: Easter Eggs in a Book? Guilty!

We all know about movie "Easter Eggs" - little tidbits that call out to pop culture (like Deadpool making fun of Hugh Jackman) or running gags within the franchise (like the Pizza Planet truck in Pixar movies). Movies aren't the only place to find those, you know.

For instance, on the dust jacket of Dan Brown's novel Deception Point, there was a string of random numbers: 1-V-116-44-11-89-44-46-L-51-130-19-118-L-32-118-116-130-28-116-32-44-133-U-130. If you replace the numerical values with the first letter of the corresponding chapter in Deception Point, you get a string of letters. Once that was descrambled, you got THE DA VINCI CODE WILL SURFACE (the title of his next book and a clue as to its key plot device).

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There are plenty of examples like this of authors intriguing their fans, honoring someone they personally know, or even just seeding a great callback for a reader to find when a larger truth is revealed later in the story arc (like the Weasley twins pelting the back of Professor Quirrel's turbaned head with magic snowballs in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone).

Weasley Twins Wicked
I have a few Easter Eggs in my first book. Luckily for me, only those who know me really well will get most of them so they won't be smashing readers over the head as they read.

For instance:

*Ben is from Alamogordo, New Mexico, my hometown (and like Ben, I cannot count the number of people who think I'm from another country now that I live on the east coast).

*I named a murderous cannibal after an ex-boyfriend. It's okay - he asked me to. Really.

*I drop the name of my daughter's favorite movie.

Beyond all that, I have just one more Easter egg, and you have to be a certain kind of nerd to spot it. So I'll leave you with this:

Traveler excerpt

And now a question for all my fellow writers: What's your Easter Egg?

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