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Swoon Author L.E. DeLano: Don't Second-Guess Yourself Now!

You’re on the back half of NaNoWriMo, barreling up that mountain, and the summit may or may not be in sight. You’re going to tell yourself you’ll never get there. Or you’ll get there, but this is pure crap. Or you’ll be better off if you retrace your steps. Revisit. Rewrite.

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Don’t do it.

Editing is for a later draft, my darling. A completed draft. Which this won’t be if you keep second-guessing yourself and backtracking.

I know the urge is a strong one. Oh, believe me, I do. And I do usually start my day’s writing by doing a brief skim of the writing from the day before to get my head back into the game, but unless you find something wildly off (and I mean continuity or plot-altering off), leave it.

You heard me. Leave it. It’ll still be there when you’re done. I promise. Fix it on the next draft. The one after you’ve finished this one.

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A published book doesn’t begin with an idea, my loves. It begins with a finished book. You can’t submit an idea, or query an idea unless you’re already a published author with some serious clout or a celebrity with a name that will automatically sell books. The rest of us have to take that idea, and put it into words, and type it on a screen and call it done. Then an editor buys it and does us the supreme courtesy of redefining the word “done” for us, and publishes it.

So don’t stop yourself now. That summit is up there, and I assure you, when you’re standing on it with a finished book at your feet, there is no feeling like it in the world.

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Stop second-guessing yourself. You’ve got a story to tell—all the way to its end.

How's your NaNoWriMo going, Swooners? Check in below!

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