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Swoon Author Kelly Zekas: My Coauthor Is in London and I’m GRUMPY About It

Hi Swoon, Kelly here! Happy March! Happy Spring! Happy holy CRAP These Ruthless Deeds comes out in a terrifyingly few number of days. Er …. Yay????!??!!?!

I am extremely excited for the launch! And nervous! There’s so much to do! I have my regular job, blogs to write, a party to plan, books to send out, contests to run—and you know who doesn’t have a lot of these things?


Tarun doesn’t have these things. 


what is a weekend gif

(I imagine this is his life now.)

Yes Tarun is off for a few months, exploring the UK, researching, cavorting, drinking tea, cheerio-ing... while I am not. Obviously, I am not bitter about this at all. 

i'm fine gif

Okay, a little bitter. But truly, I am excited for him. We are used to long-distance writing so we are still getting plenty of work done (we promise, Holly!). We just have a slightly greater time-zone difference. And now, Tarun gets to go look up all the locations we want to use in Book 3. Nothing is that different, really, except he hunts around to find obscure things that the internet couldn't tell us. It's great! Everything is great!

However. I am creating this blog post solo and it is... kinda alarming actually. Unlike most authors, I spend very little time writing alone and I don't really enjoy it. My first foray into writing was working with Tarun on the draft that would become These Vicious Masks years and years later. I have never even attempted writing a book alone and I find the prospect pretty darn daunting.

I'm also one of those weird extrovert writers. I don't think it's a secret that I love writing on the subway and in coffee shops. I like being around people, making conversation with a tablemate and simply taking in the different energies. When I brainstorm, it's with Tarun through a computer screen, talking through our problems. I *have* to talk through issues with him as they come up, and I crave chatting with people on my breaks.  

For most people writing is a solitary act, but for me, it's really only been collaborative. So now that Tarun goes to sleep in London before I even start writing after work... it's interesting. I have to push through issues alone, make some calls I would normally run by him, and hope that he likes what he reads in the morning.  

Ooo! Maybe I will see how many Hamilton references I can sneak in without him noticing!

So as Book 2 comes out and we are working hard on Book 3, I am learning this new writing-solo skill. Tarun is living in a new country and learning how to get along there. 

My dear Swooners, talk to your extroverted, conversation-needing friend Kelly: What new things are you working on this year?

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