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Swoon Author Katy Upperman: Welcome to the World, KISSING MAX HOLDEN!

I’ve been thinking about my launch event since… before I sold a manuscript. It’s true—I love a good party, particularly if it’s in celebration of a book!

As Kissing Max Holden’s release date approached, I started planning. I knew I wanted my debut’s launch party to be at my independent bookstore, One More Page Books, where the staff is enthusiastic about young adult literature, and super supportive of local authors.


I also knew I wanted the party to be fun and low-key, spilling over with treats and laughter and the people I love. And guess what? That’s exactly what it was!


The party started off with mingling and treats, including Jilly’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies shaped like hearts (of course). Then I did a short reading; I was SO nervous, but my husband swears I did great—bless him. After, I signed a whole lot of books, and happily smiled for lots and lots of pictures.


My parents came all the way from Phoenix, and many of my aunts and uncles, plus a cousin, traveled to D.C. from the Cincinnati area. It was such a treat to have so many family members in attendance! Of course, my girlies were there, too. My littlest munchkin kept busy practicing her new walking skills throughout the store, and my ten-year-old had so much fun signing “her” dedication page in some of our friends’ books.


The evening flew by! I met new readers, made real-life friends out of some longtime internet friends (hi, Jessica and Jen!), and got to catch up with some truly wonderful people. Turns out, a launch party is a little like a wedding; friends from all the different facets of my life together in one room, genuinely excited for me. I’m feeling humbled and supported and very, very lucky.


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate Jilly and Max!

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