Swoon Author Katie Van Ark: Bookish Blogs That Make Me Swoon

When it comes to talking about marketing and publicity, I’ll admit to feeling a lot like Stephanie Perkins, who wrote this on her blog just before the release of Isla and the Happily Ever After:

I get SO embarrassed having to talk about myself and my books and my events and my this and my that. It always feels . . . braggy. And awkward.

Me talking about me. And my books. And why you should buy them.

*hides underneath desk*

*eats cookie*

*eats another cookie*

*eats twelve more shame cookies*

Since I share Stephanie’s sentiments, I am forever grateful to the many book bloggers and readers who are helping to spread the word about The Boy Next Door.  So today I’m giving a shout-out to book bloggers everywhere with some special buzz going to three of my favorites:

Pivot Review Books

pivot book reviews


Bio: Becca is a twenty-three year old girl who spends way too much of her time obsessing over fictional characters, whether it’s by reviewing them, reading them, writing them, or even turning them into pups with her popular Cover Puppies feature. Becca also regularly guest posts on Reading Teen and Adventures in YA Publishing. When she’s not doing any of these, she’s probably painting a bookish style tote bag, which she sells on her Etsy, Pivot Book Totes. In her spare time (what spare time?), she works at her main job as a carnie, setting up bouncy castles and all sorts of other fun stuff in the great state of Oklahoma. She’s up for book flailing with you 24/7 over the interwebz as long as you agree to never under any circumstances call her Rebecca, because she feels old when you call her that!

What I’m swooning over: I love how Becca often writes her review as a letter to the book. And she also makes custom book tote bags to sell on her Etsy shop. (I’ve put in a request to have her make one for The Boy Next Door – I think I need one to take on the Swoon Reads tour!)

Bibliophile Soprano



Bio: The blogger behind this site is one of our own Swooners, Fay Sebastian.

What I’m swooning over: I love the traditional book blog memes like Top Ten Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesdays, Stacking the Shelves… But just like in a book, I love seeing something new. I like Fay’s ideas of One True Pairing Tuesdays and Time Travel Thursdays. Plus, spreading awareness about the Free Rice program through Freerice Fridays is cool. And Swoon Saturdays dedicated to Swoon Reads books? What else can I say? Swoon!

P.S. There’s still a few more days to enter Fay’s giveaway for ARCs of the first three Swoon books!

Mostly YA Lit

mostly ya

Bio: Hi, I’m Tiff, and I’m a 30 year-old young adult literature enthusiast. I’ve been reading YA and middle-grade fiction since — well, since I was old enough to read them. My Big Confession is that I always loved YA throughout my teen and adult years, but never wanted to admit to loving them. I’m pretty sure I always read YA, but it wasn’t until just after university that I decided to be loud and proud about it. I’ve been a YAngelist ever since. I’m a YA contemporary lover at heart, although lately I’ve been straying into the dystopian world. I tend to be picky about what I like, but I’m also very loyal — if I find an author I like, I will stick with him/her. I live in Toronto, and in my day job, I work in communications for the Ontario government. At night, I’m usually reading, writing or blogging, watching tons of TV and movies, and singing in choirs and my band. I love fashion, food, beauty, and Toronto/local stuff, and I constantly attack my two very sweet cats and fiance with my love of culture.

What I’m swooning over: Tiff’s recent post on “That One Book.” They’re out there, those great books that just aren’t getting the buzz they deserve. And a secret society of good girls? How did I miss this? I just added The Cinderella Society to my Goodreads reading list.

Writing a book is hard work, and it’s hearing how much readers enjoyed the book that keeps us authors going. When I get stuck, thinking of Becca’s love letter to my novel, Fay’s live tweeting while reading, and Tiff’s label of “book-crack book” gets me back in front of my keyboard. Thanks again to these bloggers and the many others who’ve been buzzing about my book!

Valentine’s Day might be over, but all of February is the month of love so let’s keep the book and blog appreciation going. Which books and blogs are you swooning over right now?

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