Swoon Author Kate Evangelista: Writing Quirks

I have been thinking about writing quirks of late. Over the years, I have been asked “What is my writing quirk?” many times. Problem is, I’ve never known how to answer this question properly. Mostly I would say that I need a bottle of water with me while I write. But that doesn’t sound quirky at all, now does it?

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As I reach my first decade as a full-time writer, I’ve had the chance to look back. My writing has evolved significantly. I’m certainly not the same writer I was when I first started exploring a career as a published author.

In some ways, I see myself as more confident. I know the story I want to write.

In other ways, I miss being fearless. I miss taking more risks. Taking my plot to places unknown. But, of course, there are drawbacks to that kind of freedom.

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Anyway, I’m blogging about quirks.

As the years pass, I’ve come to realize that there is one thing that ensures a great writing day for me: Brushing my teeth.

Let’s be clear, I brush my teeth after every meal. That’s three times a day. 

During times when I don’t brush my teeth before writing, I find myself distracted. I procrastinate more. And I can’t seem to immerse myself into the story.

But when I brush my teeth first, that minty fresh feeling leaves me feeling calm. Like I can conquer the world. I can focus on the scene I’m putting together. My word choices are smarter.


So, after close to a decade of writing and publishing books, I finally, officially have a writing quirk. Must brush teeth or bust.

In fact, before writing this post, I—you guessed it—brushed.

Hopefully it doesn’t turn into an obsessive compulsive thing. I’ll check back after my next decade of writing. 

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