Swoon Author Kate Evangelista: When DISCLAIMER: I LIKE BOYS became NO HOLDING BACK

My original plan for the Dodge Cove series was all three books would have parallel storylines. Basically everything happens during the summer after graduation. While Didi and Caleb were getting together Nathan and Preston were figuring out their feelings for each other and Jackson comes back for Natasha.

When No Love Allowed as chosen as part of the third list, I knew immediately that things were going to change. The editing process does that. This is why writers must be able to adapt to changes in plans.


At the end of No Love Allowed Caleb forgoes his gap year to go to college. This became the catalyst for the beginning of No Holding Back. And what a great adventure writing it was. I got to go to France and Ireland and Rome and Greece and Amsterdam and Venice. All in my head, of course. Thank you, Google! I have six cats.

Preston is the type who can be hyper-focused on achieving his goals. To be an Olympian means a ton of training. He gets an opportunity to train with the best coaches out there. This situation is rife with conflict and stress for both Nathan and Preston.

Enter the European adventure. The trip had already been planned after all, so why not take it? At least that’s what’s going through Nathan’s head.

Lovers of Disclaimer do not fret. With the rewrite I have taken what makes the original so special and have incorporated it into the new version. I'm so proud of this book. Nathan and Preston's story holds a very special place in my heart.

All the hotness in Disclaimer has all been carried over into No Holding Back and more. There's a shower scene that you need to look out for. And a kiss that's just . . . Ooh la la!

hot in here or just me

So, I do hope, after reading No Love Allowed, that you place No Holding Back on your TBRs and wish lists. Follow Nathan and Preston through their great adventure of self-discovery and love. Let them take you to Europe and back.

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