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Swoon Author Kate Evangelista: From Pen to Paper

If you’re anything like me, you need variety and consistency at the same time. I know. It seems like an impossible combination. How can we have a variety of something yet keep it consistent? And I’m not speaking of consistent variety either. That’s a whole different thing.

When I first started writing, I used my father’s electric typewriter. To keep you from guessing my age, I’ll make it simple. Depending on when this post goes live, I might have just turned 34.

By the time I decided writing was the career for me, I switched from using a typewriter to a computer then a laptop. So much easier. Mistakes can be erased at a touch of a button. And spellcheck is the dyslexic author’s savior.

Years later, I found myself needing another method of getting the first draft written. In case you haven’t heard, being an author is hard. There are so many obstacles along the way. And sometimes that’s just when you’re writing. But it is those who persist that make it through to the other side.

This is where my new method comes in. I’ve gone old school. My first draft is written by hand using a pen on a notebook that I have embellished with washi tape and stuck an affirmation to. Since it’s summer and bursting into flames isn’t exactly conducive to creativity, I take a trip to my favorite Starbucks. They just newly renovated. I order my favorite drink—a white chocolate mocha with a pump of mint syrup. I sit in my favorite spot and start writing.

Kate E drinking and writing

This is where the consistency comes in. After lunch every day, I go to Starbucks and write out a chapter. No matter how long it takes. I don’t stop until the chapter is done. The next day I start all over again.

The lesson here is: every writer has their own method of getting that first draft done. It’s actually the most important part of the process. Whether you type it out or write it by hand. Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years I’ll find the need for variety once again and find another method of getting that first draft done. Is there a way to take what’s in my mind and magically transpose it onto the page? Because if there is, sign me up.

Kate E's notebook

What about you? Where do you love to write? What is your method of getting the draft done? Share it in the comments sections. I’m sure your fellow writers—including myself—would love to know your how and why.

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