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Swoon Author Karole Cozzo: When It Comes to Release Events, It's A Family Affair!

I had my very first release event and signing back in August 2015 when How to Say I Love You Out Loud debuted. I wore a crisp white button down and midi navy blue skirt and found a babysitter. “I mean, this is a professional event,” I told my husband. “Luxie and Christian cannot be roaming about, screaming.”

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Two books and two years later, and my release events are complete mayhem. I understand my intention to establish myself as a respectable author back in 2015, but I’ve fully come to embrace the idea that when it comes to celebrating the release of a novel, it’s a family affair. I have so many wonderful families I’m grateful to be a part of—those by birth, those by marriage, and those I’ve found by good fortune. I’m pretty sure one of the greatest thrills of celebrating a new book is the opportunity it provides to lay eyes on and give hugs to those special people in my life I might not otherwise have the chance to see. To thank them for the ways they’ve supported and inspired me.

So today on the blog, I’m taking a moment to celebrate all the wonderful “family” members that were a part of the The Truth About Happily Ever After release event.

There’s my hometown family, including wonderful people such as Mary Enge, my high school librarian and National Honor Society sponsor, who I haven’t seen in almost twenty years. (Ack!)

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There’s my professional family, including my beloved boss from my very first job back in 2005. Ineke McCrea retired during my time working in her school, yet has stayed in touch and drove from several towns away to attend.

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There’s my friend family, including my dear friend Sarah McCafferty. I used to present Sarah with unedited manuscripts in thick binders. And Sarah was kind enough to read them and send me her thoughts. It means everything to be able to sign an actual hardbound book for her several years later.

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There’s my Swoon family. Recently, the Swoon Squad started assigning newbie authors with a Swoon Big to serve in a mentor capacity. I hit the million dollar jackpot when I was given Melinda Grace as a Little. Our immediate bond is a testament to the fact that insta-love isn’t always a bad thing, and she nearly had me in tears when I realized the gorgeous flowers on the mantel were from her. Melinda couldn’t be there in person, but I definitely felt the love from several states away every time I glanced at my flowers. 

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Then of course, there’s my own little family. My uber-spirited mini-Cinderella and my little prince, who proudly burst through the door brandishing roses for Mama. They were loud and unruly as I feared they’d be at the first event, but they are also old enough and read enough to (hopefully) acknowledge and appreciate that their mother is one of the people putting books into the hands of readers. Maybe one day they’ll think that’s cool. Or not. I still love sharing it with them.

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I could go on and on, as I’m thankful for my husband, parents, brother, in-laws, and every single friend, co-worker, and relative that chose to spend their Saturday night celebrating with me. I’m so appreciative to be part of so many wonderful families, who share these successes with me, who allowed me to revel in all the princessy goodness of the night from my head…

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… to my glass slipper-encased toes.

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Thank you. :)


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