Swoon Author Karole Cozzo: Mental Soundtracks

Coincidentally, it seems my weekly August blog posts have been alternating between serious and deep… and a bit lighter. Which means—yay!—it’s time for a fun post!

My books always have a mental soundtrack. And my books always have a mental aesthetic. Sometimes I even bring these images/concepts to life because 1.) us creative types are usually creative in more ways than one 2.) I like to keep thinking about my characters after I no longer get to tell their stories and 3.) it’s a fabulous distraction from other more serious/boring/important tasks I should be working on.

So today I share with you character images and favorite related lyrics from all three of my books:

For How to Say I Love You Out Loud, “Brave” by Sarah Bareilles was a no-brainer. The lyrics so perfectly capture Jordyn’s struggles to own her truths about both her brother, Phillip, and the boy of her dreams, Alex.

htsilyol lyrics

For How To Keep Rolling After a Fall, “Chandelier” by Sia played on repeat in my head (and from my computer) when I wrote a personal favorite scene, where Nikki and Pax share a kiss in a swimming pool. (check out the book… pg. 130… go there now) For Nikki, it’s one night of escape, although she’s well aware of the consequences awaiting her at home. And for Pax, the moment is a huge risk, one he’s trusting Nikki with. Both are indeed holding on to each other for dear life, and this song was perfect for the moment.

h2kraaf lyrics


And lastly… if The Truth About Happily Ever After has a soundtrack, it’s a Coldplay album. Not only is a night spent together at a Coldplay concert a pivotal moment for Alyssa and Miller (God, I want to spill SO BADLY but… spoilers galore!), but so many Coldplay lyrics speak beautifully to the way these two come to feel about each other. It was hard to pick, but I had to go with “Sky Full of Stars” and “Hymn for the Weekend.”

ttahea lyrics

If you’re like me, and have been wholly inspired to write a particular scene because of a particular song, I’m sharing a few favorites as potential writing prompts.

“Never Say Never” – The Fray

“Sway” – Bic Runga

“Putting the Damage On” – Tori Amos

Did any of these make you want to pick up the pen? What stories or scenes came to mind when you listened? I’d love to hear! Otherwise, comment below on what you’re listening to for your current WIP—I love discovering new music this way and hope perhaps this post led to discovery for you as well. Happy reading, happy listening!

*Jay Hernandez, Taylor Kitsch, and Chris Pratt did not grant me permission to use their images, but I feel like they would have had I asked. :P

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