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Swoon Author Karole Cozzo: A Paperback Cover Fit for a Princess

Imagine you are in one of your favorite places on Earth (the Magic Kingdom), which has been dubbed by many as “the happiest place on Earth,” with some of your favorite people on Earth. Imagine you wrote a contemporary romance about a theme park princess, which happened to pull a whole heckofa lotta inspiration from your current surroundings and characters passing by in the daily parade. Imagine you’re standing there on a perfectly sunny day, sort of smiling your face off just because, and you stumble upon an email from your editor that takes that smile to a whole other level.

That was me in Tomorrowland not too long ago, when I learned that The Truth About Happily Ever After was getting a brand new cover for its paperback release in May 2018. And it is… here I am smiling all over again… beyond gorgeous and lovely and perfect. (Excuse my current Disney princess vibes; this cover just makes me happy.) Just look at it.

TTAHEA paperback cover

Now. I’m a girl who typically favors photographic covers. When it’s cover voting time on the Swoon Reads website, I tend to skip over interesting graphics, fonts, and illustrations, my eyes going right to the real-life depiction of the characters or settings. And I absolutely adore the story’s original cover, in all its glittery, glass slipper fantasticness. But this new cover? Instantly won my heart big time.

The colors are beautiful together, dreamy blues that I associate with Cinderella’s ball gown. The illustrations are soft and sweet and optimistic, which fit the story’s heroine, Alyssa, to a T. (Man, Alyssa would love this cover!). And the feel of it all put together. Takes me right to the entrance to “It’s a Small World,” one of the most charming and iconic theme park rides ever.

I love that it's a reinvention, especially since Alyssa in some ways reinvents herself as a stronger, more self-aware woman by the story's end. While the original cover art is sleek and glamorous, this time around, the designers headed in the direction of old fairytale books (think hand drawings, art nouveau lettering, and flowers). By incorporating contemporary elements in the pictures, they still conveyed the modern setting with a vintage, princess-y twist.

I’m really excited and very appreciative that The Truth About Happily Ever After will have a brand new look when it returns to shelves next week. It’s romantic and hopeful—just like the story told upon its pages—and I can’t wait to share this version with readers. (And… just so you know… there’s also a super-steamy Swoonworthy Extra that wasn’t in the original release. You don’t want to miss it! ;) 

The Truth About Happily Ever After is on sale now in hardcover, and is available to preorder in paperback! The paperback edition goes on sale Tuesday, May 15th.

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