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Swoon Author Jessika Fleck: Music + Coffee = <3

Every author has their writing must-haves. Coffee… A specific snack… Candlelight… A window to gaze out of…

Mine is definitely music. (Followed by coffee. Obviously.)

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With each manuscript, after I’ve plotted and outlined, I make a playlist and a Pinterest board for inspiration. It’s a sort of reward I gift myself for getting through the outlining stage (not my fave) and a way to set the mood for my story. It also means I’m getting ready to put words on the page (my absolute fave).

My routine for Beware the Night was no different—the book was set to the same backdrop of about fifty songs throughout the entire writing and revision process. There are a few artists that show up on multiple book playlists just because I love them so much and they always somehow fit the mood of whatever I’m writing. Noah Gunderson for instance. So many of his songs are moody, lyrical, folksy, and eerily beautiful. All things that lull me into the perfect writing space.

Most of my playlists have at least thirty songs and tend to be VERY eclectic. Here are the top songs—many I put on repeat while drafting—from the Unofficial Beware the Night Playlist (with videos!)

Now, sometimes—it’s rare—but sometimes, music will distract me. If I’m really deep into a complicated scene or struggling editing a certain portion of the story, I go here:

The Gryffindor Common Room (I kid you not). Check it out! It’s magic.

Your turn, Swoon Readers! What’s your writing inspiration? Do you listen to music or enjoy the silence? Have a bowl of chocolate handy? Do prefer being tucked away at home to write or do you work better in coffee shops or libraries? Tell me in the comments below!

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