Swoon Author Jenny Elliott: Marketing and Publicity for SAVE ME — All Play, But Still Work

When I first wrote Save Me, I only had a basic idea of how much work (and fun) the marketing and publicity aspects of the book business can be. From the start, since Swoon Reads selected my novel for publication, keeping up with social media — which for me primarily involves Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest — has taken up a good deal of my time. It’s like a part-time job. I’m happy to say that it’s also a rewarding one.

SaveMe_LoSwoon Reads is busy online, too. I try to share as much as I can with other Swooners, both here on the blog, through posts like this one, and by sharing Swoon Reads posts from various social media sites. Every day, I get to correspond with other writers and readers, while at the same time promoting my work and my imprint. I can’t think of many other things I’d rather be doing, except maybe reading and writing.

Swoon Reads books also benefit from plenty of marketing, if you haven’t already gathered that from what’s been shared. One example that stands out in my mind is when an editor friend emailed to tell me she’d seen the most amazing shelf-awareness.com ad for Save Me. I agree. Amazingly beautiful!

Now that Save Me has pubbed, I’m participating in a blog tour during the month of January. There are some great bloggers involved. I’m happy to share their posts, and am so grateful to them for helping to spread the word about Save Me. Likewise, thanks always to Swoon Reads for arranging the tour, and for providing copies of books to bloggers and winners of many bloggers’ giveaways.

Also, beginning this month, I’m hard at work on the author appearance/reading/signing track.

I won’t lie. At first, I was super nervous about public appearances. But I reminded myself that I aced public speaking in college, and I kept repeating the mantra a friend has shared: “Have fun with it!” And I truly have had fun.

jenny signing

So far, I’ve done two library appearances, combined with Barnes and Noble sales, and signings. All the people I’ve interacted with — from my friends and family to librarians, Barnes and Noble reps, and other writers and readers — have been tremendously supportive. It’s been good to share both Save Me and the story of my writing life, in hopes of helping others. I think I even convinced at least two writers to submit to Swoon Reads. They’d be crazy not to, I told them.

The author appearances have just begun, too. I have two Barnes and Noble signings coming up, and I’m working on setting up high school appearances as well. Then I’d also like to do a reading/signing at Auntie’s, a local bookstore that’s a long-time downtown Spokane favorite. Actually, I hope to keep up with appearances as much as possible. They’re fun!

I was also ecstatic to hear that Italy bought my book. I plan to visit there next year, to celebrate (nice excuse to visit Europe!). Maybe they’ll also want to hear me talk about my book and/or my writing life (as long as I can do it in English). It still awes and humbles me that anyone, regardless of their country, cares to listen to me blab. But like I said, my experiences with marketing and publicity have been great fun, and the public speaking thing is getting addictive. Thanks to all who are following along with me on my journey!

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