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Swoon Author Jennifer Honeybourn's Editing Update: A Learning Process

I love a shiny new idea, but first drafts are not super easy for me. This is probably because I often get stuck on trying to make my book as perfect as possible during this stage. I can get lost in polishing scenes, when really I need to focus on just getting the story nailed down.  

WLGYD finalWith my first book, Wesley James Ruined My Life, I spent years—YEARS!!!—fussing with the first draft. With my second book, When Life Gives You Demons, I was under deadline and I didn’t have the time to pick at the draft in the same way. This actually helped me, I think, because I couldn’t allow myself to second guess everything. I just had to write. 

This meant, though, that I really had to roll up my sleeves during the editing process for When Life Gives You Demons—I pulled out two characters and an entire storyline, and I also rewrote large chunks of the book. I even changed Shelby's—my main character’s—motivation. And I was able to do this because I had an incredible editor who shined a light on the parts of the book that weren’t working and who helped me cut through the weeds, guiding me towards the heart of the story.  

Although I’ve been through the editing process twice now, I’m still learning. I’ll probably always be learning. And, hopefully, I’ll get better at the process with each book.

When Life Gives You Demons is now available for preorder!

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