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Swoon Author Jennifer Honeybourn's Editing Update: It Takes a Village

Thank God for editors.

This is my first time through the publishing process, so every step of this journey is new territory for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have TWO fabulous editors leading me through the process for Wesley James Ruined My Life—Holly West and Kat Brzozowski—and one of the parts I’ve enjoyed the most is getting my edit letter.

Yes. I loved getting my edit letter. I knew it would equal more work—probably a lot more work—but I also knew the end result would be a stronger book.

A bit of history: when I originally uploaded Wesley James Ruined My Life to Swoon Reads in late 2015, I felt that I had taken the story as far as I could on my own. I’d workshopped it with my critique group and spent hours polishing polishing polishing. And still, I knew it wasn’t “done” and that there were areas that definitely needed to be fixed. The problem was I had no idea how to fix those things.  

Fast forward six months, I had a book deal (!!!) and my edit letter in my hands. And it was exactly what I had been hoping it would be: a roadmap that I could use to make this book the absolute best it could be. Fixing pacing, strengthening the romance between Quinn and Wesley, adding new scenes, deleting chapters that weren’t working, pointing out embarrassingly obvious errors that I had somehow missed the 19,000 times I’d read the book—Holly and Kat helped me reimagine parts of the story and gave me the courage to rip the book apart at the seams and stich it together again in a new and much better way.

And you guys? It’s so much better. I could cry, it’s so much better.

The editing process has taught me that it really does take a village to publish a book—I never would have been able to get Wesley James Ruined My Life to this point if it hadn’t been for the guidance and support of the Swoon Reads team. (Is there an Editor Appreciation Day? Because I think there should be). 

Wesley James Ruined My Life is now available for preorder!

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