Swoon Author Jennifer Honeybourn: SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW Gets a Title Upgrade!

For me, finding a title that fits a story I’ve written is hard. SO HARD. It’s difficult to come up with something original that accurately represents a novel. And since title and cover are a reader’s first impressions of a book, being catchy is critical.  

In terms of catchiness, the title of my book, Somebody That I Used To Know, didn’t really feel grab-it-off-the-shelves, have-to-read-it original. So when the fine minds at Swoon Reads gently suggested a title change, something unique that better reflected the essence of the story, I was fully on board.

And good thing I was, because the title the team at Swoon Reads came back to me with perfectly captures the book and just exudes catchiness, IMO.

So with that, Quinn and Wesley’s story shall now be officially known as:   

Wesley James Ruined My Life.


I am madly in love with this title. Like ride off into the sunset in love with it. And, hopefully, readers feel the same way!  

i'm happy sunset arrow gif

Come back on Monday for cover voting!

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