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Swoon Author Jenn P. Nguyen: Mia's Guide to K-Dramas

Growing up, I’ve always watched Asian dramas. Every Thursday, we would go to the video store to get the newest Chinese dramas dubbed in Vietnamese on VHS. Yes, I know how old that sounds. Especially because I remember the red car VHS rewinder we also had. Man, it was so cool! For people who aren’t familiar with these, Asian dramas were basically a miniseries that can range from 15 one-hour episodes to 80 one-hour episodes. The longest one that I watched was a drama that had three seasons and must have been over 150 episodes!

Anyway, when technology evolved, I discovered Korean dramas online. At the time, most of them were melodrama tear-jerkers. Lots of crying and family secrets as well as life and death situations. Mostly amnesia. And usually someone died in the end. But now it has grown so much and there are so many dramas to choose from. And the amazing part is that there’s no one genre to describe them all!

Mia, the main character in Fake It Till You Break It, is pretty much obsessed with these dramas and here are my—I mean, her—favorite ones!

My Love From Another Star

One of my all time favorites! An alien is trapped on Earth for over 400 years and falls in love with an arrogant famous actress. This video is of their meet-cute.


Favorite actor with Lee Jong-suk, Mia’s future husband! :) A drama with laughter, tears, and romance. What more could you ask for? (I couldn’t find this scene in English but you get the gist!)

Reply 1997 / Answer Me 1997

The quiet underdog. It’s the small moments in this drama that really gets to me. The friendships (both girls and guys). The parents. The boy band obsession. BSB rules! And the childhood friendship is kind of the vibe I was going for between Mia and Jake in Fake It. The following is one of the songs the two main actors sang for the drama and one of my favorites.

Notable mentions: Stairway to Heaven (the classic tear-jerker), Coffee Prince, I Can Hear Your Voice (love me some Lee Jong-suk), Heartstrings, She Was Pretty, and Oh My Ghostess.

Now there are a ton more out there, but these are the particular ones that I love. Most are rom-coms (no surprise there). Another bonus, the theme songs for many of these dramas are AMAZING. I often listen to them on YouTube as I write, but this may have to be for another blog post.

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