Swoon Author Jenn P. Nguyen: Kdramas, RPGs, Fan Fiction, and All the Other Stuff That Made Me Write

Whenever anyone asks me what influences my writing, I usually say Korean dramas, but honestly that’s kind of incomplete. My writing is all due to Korean dramas, roleplaying games, and fan fiction. I’ve talked about my love for Korean dramas a bunch of times so now I’ll be focusing on the other two.

BTW if you don’t know what Kdramas are, I suggest you start with My Love From Another Star. Trust me. :)


It all started into my first week as a college freshman, ready to tackle my classes as a pre-pharmacy major even though I hated science more than sweating and the smell of freshly cut grass. You see, I always loved to read and write, but knew pursuing that career wasn’t practical. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and it basically changed my life forever. In more ways than one.

While my family moved from one house to another (over ten times in less than a year), my future became uncertain. Being practical wasn’t working out anymore. So I spent a lot of time online and eventually found a Harry Potter fan fiction site. Remembering how much I loved to write, I decided to try my hand at a couple stories including one that had Hermione traveling back to the Marauder era. And no, I won’t tell you my penname. :) It was just a way for me to entertain myself until life went back to normal. Whenever and whatever that meant.

harry potter wand salute

From there, I met a few friends and discovered the world of roleplaying. At first it was mainly Harry Potter or Twilight, but soon turned into original storylines with original characters. I think both of this really shaped the way I write today. Even now, I always have to work up character bios before I even start writing because everyone needed to have their characters figured out before the roleplaying starts. Pictures, personalities, families, background, etc. After writing fan fiction for a while, I wanted to try my hand at writing an original story with original characters. Before long, I was sucked into the world of writing, querying, and publishing. And I never looked back.

jen p nguyen character bios

(Brief character bios for an old story I shelved.)

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