Swoon Author Jenn P. Nguyen: Book Signings

Every author dreams of having a giant launch party and book signings someday. Luckily when The Way to Game the Walk of Shame released, it happened to fall on the same weekend as the national Barnes & Noble Teen Fest so I was able to participate in several different events. From a personal book signing to one with several awesome authors and two Q&A panels. All in one weekend! And there was a bunch of things I learned from all my experiences. 

1. Book events varies depending on the bookstore. It’s awesome if everything is planned out for you, but sometimes you have to be more hands on. I specifically spoke to the coordinator at the Barnes & Noble by my house to set up a signing for that Saturday and she put me in touch with Alys Arden, author of The Casquette Girls, who was signing Friday night. We emailed back and forth and decided to have an impromptu Q&A right before her signing. I’m forever grateful for this because this was basically my first event and I was a nervous wreck! Luckily, she was able to show me the ropes.

jenn and casquette girls

2. Be prepared for anyone who shows up. Whether it’s twenty people or just one, strangers or family, they came out to see you so make them feel special. For the Q&A with Aly, most of the people came out for her, but I was still able to meet everyone. One awesome blogger in particular even came back out the next day for my book signing!

3. Show your appreciation to the booksellers. They’re book lovers and work hard to sell your book!

4. Have a couple of phrases that you can use for the book signing. I kept blanking out on what to write, but that was mainly because my family wanted personal messages. Lol. Plus, ironically I hate writing longhand because I have horrible handwriting so that stressed me out even more.

5. Do what makes YOU comfortable. While I was happy to have my own private book signing, I learned that I preferred to have panels and signings with other authors. Not only did it take the pressure off of being the center of attention, but I loved chatting with the other authors. I learned so much from each of their experiences and I can’t wait to do another panel again. Especially if I could be in the company of awesome ladies like Aly Arden, Ashley Elston, and Sarah Guillory. :)

6. Finally, things may not turn out exactly the way you want it to and that’s okay. The day of my signing, I had an image of how I wanted my table to look with cookies, brownies, and flowers. The desserts were easy enough to get, but I wanted a particular shade of pink daises that I could not find ANYWHERE. Frustrated, I drove to five different supermarkets for two hours in search of these flowers before giving up. And I still had a blast at my signing because of all my family and friends who showed up to support me. Even without any daisies.

jenn nguyen signing

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