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Swoon Author Jen Wilde: What Album Is the Soundtrack to Your Life? (Quiz!)

In The Brightsiders, Emmy uses music like therapy. Listening to her fave albums lifts her up when she’s down and puts her in the zone when she needs to rock the stage. Finding the perfect lyrics when she’s writing a new song helps her deal with all the drama around her, and allows her to express herself. That’s the power of music.

While writing The Brightsiders, I listened to a lot of different music. From Bowie to Bikini Kill, the songs I wrote to helped form Emmy and her friends. But what music goes best when you’re reading Emmy’s story? Better yet, have you ever what the soundtrack to your life would be?

Well, you’re in luck! I made a quick, fun quiz to help you find the perfect tunes for you. Take it below, and let me know which album you get!

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