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Swoon Author Danika Stone: The Power of Fangirling

I’m a positive person. I’m happy at six a.m. in December and I’m getting up in the dark and I’m happy when it’s scorching mid-August and I’m hiding in the basement. According to my mother I’m wired that way, but I think there’s more to it. When I saw this tweet the other day, I suddenly realized, why.

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Throughout our lives, we are advised on how to get ahead: work harder, study longer, put in more hours than your colleagues, and take less time off. It works for some… but I can’t imagine it makes for a happy life.

In my own experience (the oddly happy one, remember), I’ve actively pushed myself to support fellow creatives. Writers often share the aphorism “the rising tide raises all boats,” and while this is true (in both the literal and publishing-world sense), it doesn’t get to the heart of why I like to fangirl over my friends. Here’s the Schrodinger’s truth of the matter: It’s both completely altruistic and utterly selfish at the same time.

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When your fellow writers do well and you cheer them on, you enjoy their joy second hand. I love seeing my peers succeed! I’ve learned so much from what they’ve done. My support, in some small way, may have made the difference between them finishing that last, grueling round of edits or giving up. I love that! And the movement of joy and support—fangirling, in my mind!—goes both ways. If you’ve shone with positivity, then there’s no reason that your fellow writers (or co-workers, or workout buddies, or whomever) won’t do the same for you.    

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So let's stop focusing on the things that separate us. Try to see and experience the wonder of another’s accomplishment. Fangirl like no one’s watching! You’ll be amazed at how it changes your life.

So how about you? What kind of things do you do to fangirl your friends? Share your thoughts and positivity in the comments below.

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