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Swoon Author Chani Lynn Feener: Character Breakdown

When I sat down to write the very first chapter in Amid Stars and Darkness, book one in the Xenith trilogy, I had two known characters in mind: Delaney and Ruckus. The rest of the cast, including Trystan, sort of just fell into place for me as the story progressed. Now that the series has officially come to a close with Within Ash and Stardust, I thought it might be fun for those of you who haven’t yet read the first book (or even those of you who have) to get a brief introduction to the main and major supporting characters who occupy Xenith and the pages of the trilogy! Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with these characters (and me!) throughout this journey, and if you’re meeting them for the first time through this post, I hope you’ll give them a shot and pick up a copy of Amid Stars and Darkness!

Delaney Grace

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

What: Human, recent high school graduate

Personality: Strong willed and determined. Doesn’t like being told what to do, and values her independence. Delaney is a quick thinker, who can easily adapt to any situation. Cares about others, and has a tendency to say the wrong thing when her sense of injustice is triggered. Prior to meeting Ruckus, Delaney’s only knowledge about aliens comes from her roommate and best friend, Mariana. While Mariana is obsessed with Xenith and fascinated by aliens, Delaney has no interest in them whatsoever.

Ruckus Wux

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Yellow rimmed in dark green

What: Vakar, The Ander (commander)

Personality: Ruckus takes his job very seriously, but is also mentally exhausted from having to constantly deal with Olena (the princess) and her total lack of respect for her station. Because of this, he gets frustrated easily, and doesn’t want to waste time listening to her excuses, which ultimately leads to him taking the wrong person from Earth. He feels a deep-seated need to do what’s right, and struggles balancing that need with doing his duty. His only friends are people he’s worked with, and all of them are his subordinates, which leads to him often feeling lonely and without an outlet.

Trystan End

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Cornflower blue rimmed in crimson

What: Kint, The Zane (prince)

Personality: Trystan has an icy exterior. He’s cold to almost everyone he comes into contact with, and very straightforward. Having grown up as the prince of Kint, he’s used to getting what he wants and believes he knows what’s best, not only for himself, but for his people. He despises the fact he has to take orders from his father, the Rex (king), and hates the idea of being betrothed to the Vakar princess, Olena. He can be very manipulative, and cunning, and doesn’t fully trust anyone, yet is oddly beloved by his people.


Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Tan rimmed in dark blue

What: Vakar, A teller (soldier), and right hand to Ruckus

Personality: Pettus takes his job seriously, but is otherwise very easy going. He prefers to take things in stride, and is always looking for the bright side to any situation. He has the ability to say the right thing at the right moment in order to put others at ease, and he cares greatly for the people around him. His sense of humor is a bit childish, but he makes up for it through sarcasm.


Hair: Chestnut

Eyes: Funnily enough, I can’t seem to find the answer to this in my author notes, or in any of the books when I skim them. If any of you happen to recall the color of his eyes, please leave that info below in the comments, and definitely feel free to laugh at the fact this author doesn’t know the eye color of one of her own characters! :)

What: Vakar, A sutter (scientist) who works closely with Ruckus and was the creator of the device which starts all of this

Personality: Gibus is very focused on his work, which often times leads to confusion or awkwardness from others. His curiosity knows no bounds, and this typically leads to him making weird discoveries, or even bad mistakes. Despite the fact Pettus doesn’t know much about science, they are best friends, and the two are usually together when the teller is off duty. He doesn’t really have the ability to think of others in the grand scheme of things, but can be very protective of the people close to him.

Olena Ond

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold rimmed in deep violet

What: Vakar, The Lissa (princess)

Personality: Olena is very self-centered, and will do anything to get what she wants. She hates having responsibilities, and would prefer to remain on Earth where there’s no one to tell her what to do, where to be, or who to marry. The closest person to her is Ruckus, but neither of them actually like the other, and when she’s bored, which is often, she goes out of her way to make things difficult for him as a form of entertainment for herself. She’s short tempered, can be nasty, and isn’t very bright—not because she’s dumb, necessarily, but more because she doesn’t care enough to try thinking things through and expects everything to just go her way.

Magnus Ond

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue rimmed with green

What: Vakar, The Basilieus (king) and Olena’s father

Personality: Magnus is a tough ruler who will make major sacrifices in the name of his people, even if that means making the sacrifice come from others. He’s a gruff speaker who doesn’t waste time with too many words or explanations, and expects his orders to be carried out without fault. He has a tendency to take people at their word, despite the fact his people have only just made it out of a war with Kint.

Tilda Ond

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Tan rimmed in violet

What: Vakar, The Basilissa (queen) and Olena’s mother

Personality: Tilda shares equal rule with her husband, and like him, is willing to make the hard choices in the name of what she believes to be the greater good. She’s often frustrated by her daughter’s actions, and wishes things were different between them. She’s more cautious than Magnus when it comes to giving trust, and also feels at least somewhat guilty about making others do her “dirty work”.

These are only some of the major and supporting characters that appear in the first book, Amid Stars and Darkness, and throughout the trilogy! If you happen to have a favorite, I’d love to know who it is!

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