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Swoon Author Caitlin Lochner: This Is How You Find the Perfect Title (Spoiler Alert: Not Easily)

Guys. Titling is hard. Trying to find the absolute perfect title to precisely convey the tone, genre, and subject of my book sometimes felt harder than actually writing the book itself.

And I won’t lie. It was really, REALLY hard for me to let go of my original title. It fits what happens so perfectly! It stands out! It’s so pretty and poetic! Aaand it totally sounds like the title of a contemporary romance novel instead of the militaristic oh-crap-we’re-on-the-verge-of-a-supernaturally-gifted-war novel that it is. So it had to go.

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The thing is, I’d never given a lot of thought to the marketing aspect of a title before. Which was fine, up until I had to think of a new title and everything was wrong. So many times, I thought or heard I like this one, but it sounds like a different genre, or this sounds like another novel, or it doesn’t really convey the feeling of the book.

I have a Word document with all the titles I was brainstorming, and there are well over a hundred. Most of them were awful and just there to help me springboard to better ideas. Some literally don’t even make sense and I only ended up sending about thirty or forty overall as suggestions to my editors. But you get the point. 

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(Actual live footage of me coming up with titles.)

When we turned to the amazing Swoon community for title suggestions, I was so excited by all the great responses! I was really happy everyone took the time to offer their help and join me in this difficult process. But titling is hard (see above), and while there were a lot of fantastic suggestions, none of them were quite right. So the process continued. 

And then one day when I was brainstorming titles (again), I came up with one that I was absolutely in love with. I put it at the top of my list to send to my editors, along with a probably rambling explanation on why it was so perfect and I loved it so much, and I hit send. And I waited. And waited. For what felt like an eternity but was actually more like two days. And then they said yes.

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So, without further ado, I am beyond excited to announce that my book is now and shall forevermore be titled:

A Soldier and A Liar

I know I shouldn’t gush so much over my own work (and I’m sorry!), but honestly just thinking about it sends me on a little trip to cloud nine. It conveys the militaristic tone and some of the character aspects of my book! It fits the genre! It’s still pretty and poetic! And best of all, I hope it creates intrigue for anyone who sees it and makes them want to give it a read. 

Thank you so much to everyone for all your suggestions and help! I’m so thrilled to be part of such a supportive and helpful community, and I can’t wait for everyone to read A Soldier and a Liar. I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to help me out again, this time with cover voting!

Come back tomorrow for cover voting!

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