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Swoon Author B.R. Myers: A New Title Fit for Space Royalty

The title for Never Once came from the last words spoken at the end of the book. I thought it was fitting as a fairy tale retelling and I liked the simplicity. Shortly after Swoon acquired my story, Holly told me the title would probably change. From a marketing perspective the original title didn’t quite fit with the sci-fi setting so the team at Swoon said, “Girl, put your thinking cap on!”

Um… *whispers* but I’m terrible at titles. Plus, I was too busy day dreaming about the cover to come up with any new ideas.

I scanned Goodreads for books similar to mine, both for inspiration and to make sure any idea I came up with wasn’t already listed multiple times. Next, I checked out movies, and then I basically scrolled through the dictionary. I made a long list of possible titles, but none of them seemed punchy enough. I even tried to find a phrase in the book that would work, but it either sounded too contemporary or too "not-at-all-like-a-gender-swapped-Cinderella-retelling-set-in-space."

Yeah, it was getting desperate, so I asked my sister. By the way, she hasn’t read the book. She’s the kind of reader who waits for the movie to come out. Anyway, she said, “How about Spacerella?” She was serious.

Thankfully the team at Swoon were more marketing/title savvy than me and my sister. We were able to bounce around a few ideas, and after some back and forth we finally agreed on one title:

Rogue Princess

It’s catchy, it’s simple, and it somehow manages to evoke the fairy tale aspect and sci-fi component all at once.

Stay tuned because cover voting for Rogue Princess starts TOMORROW!!!

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