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Swoon Author Alyssa Brandon: THE HARD MATE Is Getting a New Title... And It’s Bound to Be Good

The Hard Mate has had a few different titles and subtitles during the years. And while The Hard Mate is fun, a little naughty, and maybe most of all eye-catching, it doesn't quite reflect where the book is right now. Plus, with it being published in hardcover something a bit less hanky-panky sounding was in order.

So a while back we got to working on finding a new title. We went through (and threw out) all the old titles and a few new ones. From day one I wanted the book title to be attention grabbing and a bit darkly sexy sounding. Which The Hard Mate definitely was. But so is the new title... which I’m super excited about and fits the book PERFECTLY!

Now onto the actual title reveal...


drumroll gi


Awesome right?

I’m super happy with it and it totally works on so many levels with Megan and James' relationship! 

Come back tomorrow for cover voting!

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