Story Starter Trope Twist: Love Triangle (Part II)

It’s another riveting edition of Trope Twist! The show (I mean blog post) where we take ordinary, over-used YA tropes and put a little twist on them. Like adding a tart slice of lemon to a boring glass of water. 

Part II of this ongoing series focuses on the Love Triangle. If you missed Part I, it was a hoot (and played with the always-fun “Chosen One” trope). 

Today we have Karole Cozzo, Chani Lynn Feener, and L.E. DeLano applying their unique voices to the Love Triangle. They have 150 words to uniquely pin down the moment when the crux of the triangle must choose between her two love interests. Are you ready for the heartache, the indecision, and the sizzle? Then check out how they twisted the Love Triangle trope below.

Flavors by Karole Cozzo

For Pete’s sake, just pick one!” 

I can still hear my mom’s voice, tight with impatience. But ultimately, she’d sigh in defeat, placing both fists behind her back, allowing me to choose one, the option within. Blue or red ice pop after swimming. Unicorn or rainbow sticker at the doctor. Sketchers or Nikes for fall. 

She’d open her fists, and I’d always know what I wanted, for sure, a split second after the decision was made. Even if I’d felt hopelessly undecided, in that moment of reveal my instincts would kick in, screaming either in joy or protest. 

I never thought it would happen that way with… people. 

Tre is beaming, triumphant, because I’ve just told him I’d made up my mind. I press my mouth against his to prove it. 

But in the instant our lips touch, my instincts kick in, begging for Jackson. 

The boy I didn’t choose. 

Just Lunch by Chani Lynn Feener

Grace didn’t know whether to go with her gut or not. 

Theo was watching her from across the room, gaze periodically slipping her way in between words with the rest of the small council. 

“Hey.” Iain shifted closer, flashing her a smile that could convince anyone to go along with anything. “Did you hear me? Lunch, I’m buying. You in, or what?” 

They’d been doing this dance for a while now, and it always ended with her pushing him away. Her eyes trailed over to Theo one last time, but he was frowning now at one of the council members, completely engaged in what the other man was saying. As per usual, despite all his talk, council responsibilities were coming before her. 

“Sure,” she said, just as surprised as Iain looked by her response. 

“It’s about time.” He held out his hand and waited, grinning when she took it. 

Close Call by L.E. DeLano

“You’re okay,” Micah says, rocking me back and forth, so tightly I can barely pull in air. 

“I’m okay,” I gasp, saying it to myself as much as I am to him. 

“When I saw the ship explode...” He bites his lip to keep from finishing that sentence. “Are you hurt?” 

“I—I don’t think so.” 

“How’d you get out of there?” he asks as I scramble to my feet. I scan the area, shading my eyes so I can see better. The relief washes over me like a tidal wave at the sight of Matt, limping down the beach toward me. 

“That’s how,” I say. 

Micah sighs as his eyes follow mine. “Thought I had your back.” 

I make myself face him, and I know I can’t hug this away. It would only make it worse. 

“I’m sorry,” I tell him. 

And I begin to run.

Now it's your turn! How would you interpret the "Love Triangle" trope in 150 words or less?

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