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It’s not ALL work around the Swoon Reads headquarters. We’ve discovered that it’s also very important to have long gossipy conversations around the metaphorical water cooler. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of burning questions for our Swoon Staff members to answer. And, we’d love for you to join us! Share your answers in the comments. This week’s question is:

Have you ever written or received a love letter? What did it say?

crush“Oh god yes. I made the card myself (hand painted a rose on the front) – I don’t remember exactly what the note said, basically I was telling the smartest boy in school that I was excited to get to compete against him next year in high school. I can’t remember why it was romantic now though… I must have also revealed in the card that I had a crush on him?” -Claire T.

“This year, I was excited to see that I’d received a Valentine’s Day card, but when I opened it, it turned out to me from my dad. Kind of sweet but anticlimactic.” -Zoey P.

“Yes, I’ve been lucky to have a few. One of my best was from a senior in my high school (gorgeous guy) who left me a note in my mailbox. I still have it. Sorry, no details, but it was so sweet.” -Liz S.

“I don’t think I have, actually. Do cute text messages count?” -Teresa F.

Tons. When I write them to my husband they tend to re-atate the same message about how I rely on him and what a blessing he is. His in return tend to be a bit raunchier.” -Anne D.

“Gwyneth Paltrow sends me these selfies of herself all the time (under the guise of her goop newsletter, but I know she’s secretly into me).” – Summer O.

like-me-note“Sadly, no — unless you count the “Do you like me? Check yes or no” notes from grade school (and I really, really don’t).” -Holly W.

“Oh yeah. My boyfriend and I in highschool used to write notes everyday. Sweet and saucy all at the same time. Young love is devasting, all encompasing and totally blind. It’s FANTASTIC!” -Kerry N.

“Yes, of course. My high school boyfriend used to tour around the country and we had long periods of time not seeing each other so we kept a red journal and would write love notes back and forth to each other. It was very sweet.” -Lauren B.

“I used to work in a pub and got several love-lorn letters from the guys who drank there. I once got a poem about beer (and the poet’s love for it as a metaphor for his love for me).” -Rachel P.

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