Staff Stories: Make-ups, Break-ups and Everything In Between – Dream Celebrity Date

It’s not ALL work around the Swoon Reads headquarters. We’ve discovered that it’s also very important to have long gossipy conversations around the metaphorical water cooler. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of burning questions for our Swoon Staff members to answer. And, we’d love for you to join us! Share your answers in the comments. This week’s question is:

What would you do with your favorite celebrity on your most swoonworthy date?

catsabs“This makes me sound so crazy, but I would love to have Michael B. Jordan come over to my house and watch him play with my cats. Yup, that sounds crazy.” – Kathryn L.

“I’m low-key; just a nice dinner would be wonderful. But of course I’m open to more creative evenings if he had some swoonworthy ideas. For instance, if Josh Groban set up this “low key” dinner on the main stage at Lincoln Center or something, I wouldn’t be opposed…” -Kelly M.

“It would be with Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf (In this scenario, I would be 22), and we would go ice skating. (In this scenario, I would also be able to ice skate.) OR It would be with Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars and we’d go to Sleep No More. (You know what, I actually wouldn’t be able to handle that second scenario. I’d just start crying.)” – Summer O.

“I’d be perfectly happy to just live in Brooklyn with Jason Segel. I’m not fancy.” -Katie F.

hotair“I want to jet off to an island somewhere off the Amalfi coast and have someone catch fresh shellfish and seafood and have that for lunch. Then fly to Florence for gelato. THEN watch the sunset from a hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon (which I don’t think is legal, but no rules!).” – Jo K.

“Since I’ve always wanted to be Nicole Kidman in “Moulin Rouge” (minus the dying part), I’d spend a few hours with Ewan McGregor in which we reenact the movie, with me playing Satine and him reprising the role of Christian, with emphasis on any and all kissing scenes. That isn’t nerdy at all.” -Zoey P.

“Breakfast in Paris, lunch in Spain, Dinner in Italy.” -Liz O.

“I’m not sure what Ryan would like to do. I like the idea of swimming with dolphins or having a great meal in Tuscany. Or both.” -Jean Feiwel

“Fly to Finland and see the Northern Lights! I hear that’s the place to see them really well. And if we happen to fly via private plane, so be it.” -Anna R.


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