Social Media Round-up

Each Saturday we’ll be shining a spotlight onto our Swoonworthy social media communities by posting a roundup of our weekly favorites. Just in case you missed them:
On Our Facebook:
You want the cute? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTE!
That’s how we feel about this editorial tête-à-tête between A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT author Sandy Hall and her editor, Holly W.

On Twitter:
Hey Swooners!  Look at this cool Yogurt shop in London called SNOG.  That means KISS, don’t ya know?! JF

On Pinterest:
Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves…this cat wears hers on her face. We like her a lot.

On Tumblr:
Can we have this for Swoon Reads’ Dream Reading Nooks, too?

On Instagram:
Here’s a photo of Avon the #SwoonMascot cuddling up next to her brother, Stringer, to brighten your day.#Instacat #CatsofInstagram

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