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Site Spotlight: The Swoon Reads E-reader

The e-reader is really the heart of Swoon Reads, and we’ve tried to make it easy to navigate while providing a convenient, visually pleasing reading experience. Today, we thought we might go through and clarify some of the mechanics, just to make sure you are enjoying the system as much as we are!

e-readerOnce you select a manuscript to read—be it on your computer, phone, e-reader, or other tablet device—it will open in our e-reader format. To turn the page, you can either click on the right margin of the page or swipe to the left to go forward (and of course click on the left margin or swipe to the right to go back). This can be done with your finger/stylus pen on touchscreen devices, or by using your mouse cursor.

If you tap or click the center of the current page of your manuscript, a helpful toolbar will pop up along the top and bottom of the screen. The toolbar along the top of the page will list the title of your current read, as well as a bookmark symbol in the left hand corner. Simply tap or click on this bookmark symbol at any time to return to your “My Reads” page!

The toolbar along the bottom of the screen lists your current page number and tells you how far along you are in the book. A scroll bar allows you to jump forward or backward in the novel. This lower toolbar also enables you to adjust the manuscript text size, if you prefer to read larger or smaller print.

Normally, when you re-open a manuscript, you will be automatically synced to your current spot in the novel, but if this doesn’t happen, the lower toolbar also has a “Sync to Furthest” button that you can click/tap to update your location. To hide these toolbars and continue reading, simply click or tap the center of the page again.

And, one last great e-reader feature is that, when a novel opens in our Swoon e-reader, it downloads the entire manuscript. So even if your Internet connection cuts out, you can continue reading offline—as long as you don’t leave the e-reader to go to another webpage.

Happy swooning!

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