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Site Spotlight: Browsing and Sorting

Hi everyone! Welcome to the site spotlight! We’ve got a ton of new people on the site, with more coming in every day, and we want to make sure that all of our members, new and old, are able to get the most out of Swoon Reads. So, every other week or so, we’re going to highlight a specific feature of the site. And since, right now, we’re all incredibly focused on reading and rating, we thought we’d look at a few ways to browse and sort the many novels on the site, so that you will be better able to find exactly the right manuscript to read next!

Our favorite way to find new manuscripts is to go straight to the Browse page. It’s very easy to find, just look at the top of any page, and you can find the link right next to the Swoon Reads logo:

Browse Header
When you first arrive, the manuscripts will be sorted by “Best Rated”:

Best Rated

Look familiar? They should. These are the manuscripts with the highest ratings on the site, so they are also featured on the home page in the SWOONWORTHY rotation.


But if you’ve spent any time on the site, you’ve probably already looked at those and are ready for something new. See the grey oval that says Best Rated? If you click on it, you’ll get a drop down list of choices.

Sort by

If you click “Most Recent,” you’ll get a list of the newest manuscripts uploaded to the site.

Most Recent

This is the easiest way to find new manuscripts, most of which probably haven’t been up long enough to get a lot of love and attention. However, we also realize that a huge part of Swoon Reads is the community, and sometimes it’s nice to see what other people have said before you commit to reading something.  (We read ALL the comments before we dip into any manuscript!)

So, go back up to your sort button, but this time choose “Most Comments.”

Most Comments

This quickly highlights the manuscripts that have the most comments, making it easy for you to find reviews and maybe a conversation to join.

But what if you are in the mood for something specific? We can help with that as well. There are also search functions for each button on the Swoon Index as well. If you are in the mood for something funny, you can choose “Swoon Index: Laughs” and it will pop up with a list of the manuscripts that Readers have rated the funniest on the site. (This is why it is very important to be honest with your Swoon Index choices!)



And if you are in the mood for something REALLY specific, you can also choose by genre and subgenre.


So if you want to read the most exciting vampire romance currently on the site, you would set:

  • “Pick a Genre” to “Paranormal”
  • “Pick a Sub Genre” to “Vampires”
  • “Sort by” to “Swoon Index: Thrills”

Vampire Thrills

Happy reading! And don’t forget to share your honest ratings, comments, and Swoon Index choices!

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