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Simple Gestures and Tips for Romance Awareness Month

I recently discovered that August is Romance Awareness Month, which got me thinking about what this really means. A lot of people would think that this is just another Valentine’s Day, but I think of romance as more than that. Romance is showing someone you care, and that just doesn’t have to be to a significant other, but to a family member or friend. And being romantic doesn’t have to mean grand gestures; sometimes, the little things mean more. Here are some of the favorite things that I enjoy doing for and sharing with the special people in my life:

1. Ask him/her how his or her day was: This is such a small gesture but can go a long way for someone. Think about it: when you have a good day, don’t you want to share what made it so great? Or, if it was a bad day, having someone to vent to is a great way to share your feelings, and even get advice on how to handle the bad situation so it doesn’t happen again. Just having that person know you are there for them can make a world of a difference!

2. Make, don’t buy: Even if you’re not Picasso or Wolfgang Puck, it’s the thought that counts. So if someone who’s important to you loves blueberries, try your hand at some blueberry muffins. Or why not make some chocolate covered strawberries together instead of spending lots of money on store bought ones? Just letting your special someone know you were thinking of them means more than the dollar amount. And not only is this a kind gestures, but doing an activity together can make fun memories.

3. Don’t forget to say “I Love You”: Whether you are running out the door to school or work, never forget to tell the special people in your life that you love and care for them. Just this simple reminder can brighten up a person’s day, and remind them that someone cares for them and took the time to say. Even in this digital age a quick text message or Facebook comment can go a long way.

4. Focus on the positives: Did your co-worker wear new earrings to work? Do you like the way your sister’s dress compliments her eye color? Did your co-worker really go the extra mile on that team project? Well don’t be shy to say something! I love it when people notice a new necklace I’m wearing, or if an outfit is extra flattering, and nothing boosts my confidence for the day than someone taking a few moments out of their day to tell me so.

Swooners, share with us your favorite gestures (both big and small) to the special people in your life during Romance Awareness Month!

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