Reading the Oscars 2020: 3 YA Novels Paired with Oscar Nominees

Ah, Oscar season. Even though we’re fairly livid that no female directors got nominated (cough cough GRETA GERWIG WAS ROBBED), we’re still excited to pop some popcorn and watch the ceremony on February 9th.

Want to get in the movie mood now? Here are three recent Swoon Reads novels that pair well with this year’s nominated films.

If you love 1917, read...

gone by nightfall final cover.jpg

Is World War I your jam? We have the perfect read for you. Also set in 1917, Dee Garretson’s Gone by Nightfall is set in Russia on the eve of revolution. With a female focus and set in the turmoil that war creates, it’s the perfect companion to the in-the-trenches drama of Sam Mendes’ war movie.

If you love Marriage Story, read...

Finding Mr. Better-Than-You cover.jpg

If you love a break-up story, look no further than Shani Petroff’s Finding Mr. Better-Than-You. Life does go on after a relationship ends, and sometimes you realize you’re better off solo. Both of these have a sense of humor and are perfect if you’re looking to move on without your ex.

If you love Little Women, read...

How the Light Gets In final cover.jpg

We never tire of a great sister story. Little Women is one of the best out there (even though the new version can’t redeem Amy, even as hard as it tries. AMY, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID). We love the sisterly bond in Katy Upperman’s How the Light Gets In, which pairs nicely with this new movie.

What movies made you swoon this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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