Reader Appreciation: Spotlight on great comments!

Hey Swooners! We’ve been so happy with the manuscripts that our Writers have submitted to the site, but we’ve also been blown away by some of the comments our Readers have left. We’ve highlighted a few to showcase how awesome and helpful our Readers are.


A Little Something Different

Hanna N on 11/17/13 commented on A Little Something Different:

Such a wonderful story – I couldn’t stop reading! You just fall in love with all of the characters, not just Gabe and Lea. (Especially the squirrel. I just love the squirrel.) The multiple POVs work really well and make this an exceptionally interesting and fun read. The dialogue is wonderfully written and realistic and each characters voice is so individual. This is fantastic. I’ll definitely be re-reading it!


The Time Walker


Maryanne Brulee on 11/11/13 commented on The Time Walker:

Was this book perfect? No. But I didn’t expect it to be. Was the story engaging and could it be built on with the help of a professional editor? Absolutely! I think this book has the potential to be made into a movie and have a fan following like Hunger Games. The world behind the characters, the magic, is so interesting. I’d love a companion book to explain the lore of how this magic came to our world. Would love to see this one published.




Anna Graff on 09/01/13 commented on Trypanophobia and had a nice back and forth with the author:


Anna Graff: It was really good! I like the way you changed and updated the story- I think it really worked. Ryann did seem a bit too naive though. She knew that politics were everywhere, and I think she should have seen a bit more of it coming. Maybe if you had some flashbacks to when she first became friends with James and that group? Keep up the amazing writing!

Amara: Thank you so much for reading it! Yes, i agree that her naivety is one of the bigger issues in the plot, but it was necessary. Thanks for the ideas of flashbacks. If I revise it, I probably will include something of that sort.



K R Wilburn on 10/19/13 commented on Tidal and had a very interesting conversation with the author:

K R Wilburn: The story started off interesting enough but about the point it twisted into the final problems with else I gave up trying to understand. It went from interesting to wtf am I reading in about six seconds. There were tons of plot holes, like the abnormal relationship between step siblings that served no role in the story, the interesting new school friends that played no role in the character arc, the villain with shoddy motives (and really who did the mysterious fingerprints belong to.). She’s even given this crazy ability that in the end plays no role in the story. Surely she would have caught on to her aunts horrible intentions beforehand. I really wanted to like this story but found that I just couldn’t.

Lisa Terry: Whoa, your honesty is a thing of beauty! You’ve given me a lot to think about as far as revisions go. Revisions…damn, I thought it was DONE.

K R Wilburn: I’m a firm believer that no author is ever served by anything other than honesty. I loved the characters. I thought Elsa was great with her desire to help her little sister, her boyfriend who is pleasantly surprised that gossip girl is more like the girl next door, it was nice. I was really really hoping for more from Grayson, to get the chance to see his responsiblities make him a better person in the end. The characters are amazing and kept me reading to the end even if I wasn’t thrilled with how it all panned out. You have a great voice and a great imagination. I just think that you aren’t necessarily using them to the fullest if that makes sense.

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