Presenting the new cover for ALL THE FEELS by Danika Stone!

Hey Swooners!

We're so excited to present the brand new cover of All the Feels!

all the feels new cover

We know, we know. You're probably thinking, But we voted on this cover already, and that's not the one I remember winning...

That's because it isn't! It's a brand new cover that encompasses elements from each of the top two cover options. Just in case you don't remember what each of those covers looked like, I've included them below.



See? While we love the cover on top (the one that won), it won by a tiny margin of votes. And, upon further thought and creative input by the whole Swoon team (and the author) we wanted to make sure our cover was representing this great book as best as it could.

This happens all the time. You'd be surprised by how often books' covers change. Sometimes it happens because we don't feel the cover matches the story well enough. Sometimes it happens because we want to make sure customers who would love to read a book don't hesitate to pick it up. Sometimes it can even happen because we want to try a new look for a new edition or even from author feedback alone.

That said, we decided to go with our new cover for a few different reasons. And because here at Swoon we love sharing behind-the-scenes peeks at what working at a publishing house is like, we thought we'd share the All the Feels cover story with you.

We've already mentioned that the cover voting was close, but we haven't told you just how close. It was only 4 votes. And that's significant. It's the closest cover voting contest we've ever had, ever. When we realized this, we wondered, what was it about these two covers that were striking a chord with readers and are we missing something by picking one over the other?

We realized the cover we picked didn't include the great "fandom evidence" (the buttons, the dolls, the lanyard and Con pass) that perfectly represented Liv's obsession.  

We also worried that our cover might look a little too young and we didn't want to discourage adults and older teens from reading it. 

And of course, because we hope this book finds the widest audience possible, (which includes guys), we didn't want them to hesitate, or automatically categorize the book as a "girl book" because of the girl on the cover.

Lastly, we loved the sketches (did you know that Danika’s amazing husband drew these?!), and we wanted to make sure we wouldn’t lose these in the new direction.

What we came up with, we think, is a great compromise—one that includes the sketches, the awesome fandom elements, and that has a look that will appeal to the wide audience we're sure this book will have. 

We absolutely love it. We hope you do, too.

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